Sayyidina Ahmed Saleem

Bani Ada Al Baharia – Manfalut – Asyut

Ahmed ibn Saleem ibn Jumuah was born (may God be pleased with him) in the year 1917 AC. He learned from his perceptive teachers and his well established Sheikhs to later become an adroit scholar of jurisprudence and a reference in the areas of compulsory acts and laws of inheritance.

His father took a covenant from him to spread the teachings and membership of the Sufi order he was affiliated with and he took on the task with great effectiveness. In this way, he developed into a human exhibiting perfection in his character and humanity. Those who joined the Sufi order rose up in degrees and he eventually became known as a saint and a great gnostic. God opened for him the doors for calling people to the order and thousands joined. He passed in the year 1999 AC.