Sayyidina al-Quwashty

Bani Ada Alqibleeya – Manfalut – Asyut

Muhammad bin Ali al-Quwashty was born in Karmanshah, Iran and his lineage goes back to al-Hussein, the grandson of the Emissary of Godﷺ. He made contact with the scholars of India and learned much from them. Then he went to the lands of Hejaz and settled their for a time in Mecca and subsequently went to Egypt in the year 671 AH where he met the Qutb of his time, Al Sayed Ahmed Al Badawi. He was initiated by him into the Ahmadia Sufi order. Afterwards, he traveled to Upper Egypt to settle in Bani Ada in the year 674 AH where he became known for his grace and thus became a symbol of Sufism in the seventh century AH. He passed in the year 696 AH (may God be pleased with him).