Sayyidina Abdul Azeez Abu Al-Magd

Location: al-Rahmaaniya – The Nile River connects Dusooq and Rahmaaniya

He is Abu al-Magd Abdul Azeez bin Quraysh bin Muhammad bin Abu al-Naja. His honorable lineage goes back to the Imam al-Husayn grandson of the Emissary of Godﷺ.

Sayid Abdul Azeez had eleven sons and all of them were pious folk of God. The most famous of his sons is the gnostic Sayyid Ibraheem al-Dusooqy. Sayyid Abdul Azeez Abu al-Magd took the Sufi path at the hands of Abu al-Fath al-Wasity who took his path via the great Qutb Sayyid Ahmed al-Rifa’eey (may God be pleased with him). Sayyid Abdul Azeez married the Lady Fatimah, the daughter of Abu al-Fat’h al-Wasity (may God be pleased with them).