Sayyidina Muhammad Abdul Wahab Al-Husafy

Location: Damanhoor – Masjid Hasanayn al-Husafy

His father is al-Sayyid Hasanayn al-Husafy the Shaykh of the Husafi-Shadhili path and its founder. His son, Muhammad, succeeded him as a Shaykh of the path on the historical date of the 15th day of Shaaban 1317 AH.

The Sayyid Muhammad Abdul Wahab was born in the year 1875 ACE in the village of Gheeta, the center of Bilbays in the province of Sharqeyya. This is where he began memorizing the Noble Qur’an in its local schools where he eventually completed it and learned its rules of Tajweed in the Masjid al-Ahmady in Tanta.

It is noteworthy for us to mention here the role he played in Masjid al-Sayyid Ahmed al-Badawy in Tanta in his learning Tajweed. He was the teacher of choice for students from all parts of Egypt and the world. The fact that infamous reciters of the Qur’an graduated from this bountiful edifice is a testimony as well as the fact that the department of Quranic studies is the only highly specialized department in al-Azhar University but it is located in Tanta rather than the main campus in Cairo. For these reasons it is said, “knowledge is from Azhar and the Qur’an is from Ahmed (referring to Ahmed al-Badawy and Tanta).” Eventually Sayyid Muhammad (may God be pleased with him) completed his studies with the great scholars of Azhar and received the degree of scholarship in the year 1322 AH.

He (may God be pleased with him) was a teacher in true Sufism and practiced constant remembrance of God and seeking to mold his character by the model of the Emissary of Godﷺ. [After reaching a high station] he began traveling and calling people to the Shadhili path teaching them matters of religion. He did not waver in holding to the sacred law, true monotheism and the Sunnah of the Emissary of Godﷺ until he returned (may God be pleased with him) to his Lord at the time of Fajr prayer, Friday on the 14th day of Rabee’a al-Awal in the year 1368 AH which correlates to January 14th, 1949 CE.