Sayyidina Abu Al-Ma’atee

Location: Damietta in the Mosque of Abu al-Ma’atee

He is the Sayyid Muhammad al-Fatih Saad al-Asmar who lived (may God be pleased with him) in the the seventh century AH, a contemporary to the Sayyid Ahmed al-Badawy (may God be pleased with him). He was born (may God be pleased with him) in the city of Damietta and lived for 73 years.

He became known as Abu al-Ma’atee for his great acts of giving and generosity with anyone who sought him out. He worked as a weaver (of date palm leaves) and gave most of his earnings to the poor and needy. He gave with gentleness and good countenance. He would always maintain a constant effort to tend to their needs.

God opened upon him the doors of Divine knowledge and so he therefore became sought out by the scholars and laymen alike to benefit from him. He contributed to the defense of his land against the Crusaders who had aims for Egypt once again by way of Damietta.

From his notable miracles is when an escapee fleeing from the occupying forces sought asylum with Abu al-Ma’atee and asked him to hide him he took the date palm leaf shreds and covered him with it. When a soldier came by to ask about him Abu Al Ma’atee told him that “he is under that waste pile over there” so they replied in sarcasm and didn’t believe him. So the man was saved by the truthfulness of Sayid Abu Al Ma’atee.