Sayyidina Mohamed Al Tayyib

Al Qarna, Luxor

He is the Sayyid Mohamed Ahmed Al Tayyib Al Hassani whose lineage goes back to the Prophet.ﷺ

He was born (May God be pleased with him) in 1905 AC and God had engendered him with the spirit of readiness. This was the best prayer his father, the gnostic Ahmed Al Tayyib Mahmud Al Hassani made for him. He was raised in the village of Al Murashida where he committed the Qur’an to memory as well as obtained the knowledge of the principles of Shariah. He then joined al-Azhar with God’s help where he learned from sincere scholars who poured into the container of his heart mysteries and light until he was qualified to be an inheritor of the Prophetic knowledge.

His Sheikh Abu Bakr Haddad permitted him to develop litanies in the Sufi order known as the Khalwateyya and his father taught him all his secrets. God allowed him to perform acts penetrating customary experience. He was a light guiding the people at all times. God made him into an authority in order to spread good.

The gnostic Al Susi said about him:

“If you ask me to describe him I would say: If you looked at him you would magnify him and if you sat with him you would love him and if you associate with him you become attached to him and if you listen to him speak your ear yearns to listen and your chest expands.”

He was a good looking man who’s appearance reflected his inner purity. You wouldn’t get bored looking at him and you would abhor his departure. You smelled from him what pleased the nose and saw in his eyes what cooled the chest, settled the ego and tranquilized the heart.

He would deal with people with wisdom and drawing beautiful parables. His way with people was always with softness of heart. He would bring out the truth, destroy falsehood and purify the hearts.

He lived his life dedicated to fasting and struggling in the cause of God. All his time was dedicated to recitation of the Quran, remembrance of God, and prayers on the Prophetﷺ. He made the unfortunate joyful and assisted their needs to accomplish their tasks. He was a cause for the lifting of oppression from the underprivileged and so they grew to love him.

Sheikh Al Tayyib was a true man. How blessed are the true men, servants of the Merciful, who dedicate their lives to actualize true worship of God. Truly the Qur’an expounds upon these types of men who actualize complete submission toward God. In the verse: “[Those] men whom, capitalistic gain does not sway them from remembrance of God, the establishment of prayer and the giving of alms and they are vigilant of the day where the hearts of men will turn about.”

They gave their hearts to God alone and discarded all things other than God. They were occupied only with remembering Him. Their bodies are in the created realm and their hearts and souls in the heavens so God aided them, poured upon them light from on high and gifted them with his secrets.

He passed in 1988 AC.