Al Bahnasa

(Bani Mazar- al-Minya)

This is an area located on Lake Yusuf and sees its periodic cycles. It is abundant with blessings as it’s shores are close by so surrounding villages use its waters even when the Nile has not risen much. If the surplus Nile waters are cut off from the Lake it’s own springs gush forth making itself into a river. This phenomenon is not found with any other river system. The reason for this blessing is that Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) settled there for a time as did Prophet Moses (peace be upon him).

The very dirt of Al Bahnasa contains the Ashraaf and Companions of the Prophetﷺ (may God be pleased with them). It contains also around four hundred of the past Ameers. From them are: Ali bin Aqeel, Jafar bin Aqeel bin Abee Talib, Ziad bin Abee Sufyan bin Al Harith bin Abd Al Muttalib bin Al Abbas, Al Ameer Abdallah Al Takrury, the seven martyred daughters and Sayid Ali Al Jamam.

It has been authenticated by the pious predecessors that whoever visits the cemetery of Bahnasa treads in Gods mercy until he returns.

The locals say:

“Al Bahnasa Al Ghara, Ya Bakht man Zaaraha walaw mara”

Al Bahnasa Al Ghara lucky is he who visited it but one time.