Sayyidina Khamees Abu Samra

Location: Shabeen al-Kawm

A Eulogy

Khamees is the cream of the crop among the rijal (men of spiritual perfection) and a model in struggling and fighting. He is extremely honorable for his good character and lineage. With al-Fadl’s marriage to his maternal aunt he surpassed many of the Arabs in noble lineage. He was the loyal companion of al-Shibil both in battle where they fought side by side and during peace. The men of God in the cosmos are lights welcoming all those who desire reconnection to the unseen realm.

He is Muhammad bin Khamees the Abyssinian and his grandfather is the Sayid Bilal bin Rabah the Muazzin (official caller to prayer) for the Emissary of Godﷺ. As for his mother she is the sister of Maymuna wife of the Sayid al-Fadl bin al-Abbas.