Sayyidina Awwad Al-Tahlamushy

Location: Qalyub City

The Shaykh Awwad bin Muhammad bin Ishaq was born in the city of Tahlamush in Morocco in the year 800 AH.  He graduated from the University of Qaraween in Fez, which is similar in caliber to Azhar. On his way to make his pilgrimage he passed by Egypt and settled in Alexandria for a period of two years where he committed himself to the Shadhili Sufi order through Ibn Atta Allah al-Iskandary. After spending ten years in Hejaz (Western Arabia) he returned to Cairo and made a promise to himself that he would take Egypt as a place of long-term settlement. He (may God be pleased with him) took the position of Imam for the central mosque of Qalyub as he also became its supreme judge. He acquired these positions by the permission of the Sultan Qait Bey. He remained in these positions until his death in the year 878 AH.