Sayyidina Abdul Raheem Al Qena’y

(Maydan Al Sayyid Abdul Raheem)

Abu Muhammad Abdul Raheem bin Ahmed Hajun whose lineage goes back to Imam Al Husayn bin Ali and Fatimah Al Zahra’ (May God be pleased with them).

He was born in Targha in Al Maghrib in year 521 AH. In Makkah he met the Sheikh Majdaldeen Al Qushayri Al Qusy and he convinced him to accompany him on his travels to Egypt and was given his daughter in marriage upon arrival. He then settled in Qena to teach and trade. His presence (May God be pleased with him) in Upper Egypt was a mercy for its people. They drank from his ocean of knowledge, benefitted from his grace and the hearts illuminated with light when they entered his presence.

It was agreed upon that he was the Qutb of his time. If he didn’t have a companion except Abu Al Hasan Ali bin Humayd it would have been enough since the secret of the Sheikh manifested in him. Abdul Raheem’s miracles were such that they need not be mentioned. Nevertheless the people accounted that he healed the poisoned.

His way was structured around how Islam consists of religious commands, action and good character so whoever abandons one of those has strayed.

“Good character is to prompt perfection bringing out the good from actions. The Quran is all perfection and therefore following it, religious injunctions and the Prophetic biography is the essence of perfection. The good character flows from the meeting of exoteric and esoteric oceans of knowledge. The fruitful action cleans the lower self so that the intellect becomes able to perceive the reality of matters and this constitutes sound gnosis. Consequently the human is wholly directed toward God and His emissary ﷺ. This is called the pure character and this is the highest form of perfection. In this way the Prophet ﷺ was described and in this regard God said: “And truly you are upon a great character.”

Al Qena’y wrote a Quranic exegesis, a thesis on marriage, litanies, etc. From his sayings (May be God be pleased with him):

“Life is for one’s heart to be illuminated via unveiling such as to perceive the secret of truth that emerges through the varying states of the cosmos.

Contentment is tranquility of the heart toward the predestination of events so that one witnesses the ability of God and His command as true in every personal state he may pass through.”

He passed in Qena in the year 592 AH. His tomb is constantly visited and it is nearly never empty.