Sayyidina Abdullah bin Salam

Location: Kafr al-Ameer – Timayu – al-Sinblaween – Dakaleyya

Shaykh Abdullah bin Salam bin al-Harith, the Israelite and ansarite (supporter of the emigrants to Yathrib) was a Jew from the tribe of Banu Qaynuqa’ and one of the few Jews to swear allegiance to the Prophetﷺ. A far descendant of the Prophet Jacob through his son Prophet Joseph, son of Prophet Jacob (peace be upon them), his name before entering Islam was al-Hussayn (coming from the Arabic word for fortress) which the Emissary of Godﷺ changed to Abdullah.

It was narrated by Imam Ahmad in his “Musnad” on the authority of Zuraratu bin Awafa from Abdullah bin Salam, the former Jew, who said: “When the Emissary of Godﷺ  came to Medinah, I came out to see what all the people where looking at. When I took my first look at hisﷺ face I knew that this was not the face of a liar. The first thing I heard him say was “Spread the peace, feed (those in need), link your family ties, pray in the night when others are asleep and you will enter the garden in peace.””

Many Quranic verses were revealed in situations revolving around Abdullah bin Salam. For example:

“And one has witnessed from the children of Israel [the truth of the claim] and believed while you have become arrogant.” It was also sent down “say [O Muhammad (peace be upon him)] Allah is a sufficient witness between you and I as well as the one who has knowledge of the revealed book.”

Imam Al Tirmidhi said: “al-Layth narrated on the authority of Muawiya bin Saleh on the authority of Rabeea ibn Yazeed on the authority of Abee Idrees al-Khawlany on the authority of Yazeed bin A’meera who said: “when death came to Mua’th bin Jabal someone asked ” O Abu Abdurahman advise us.” He said: “Help me up”, and continued (may God be pleased with him) saying “truly the place of knowledge and faith are known. For those who seek them they will find them. Seek knowledge with four elect: with Umayr Abee al-Darda, with Salman al-Farisy, with Abdullah bin Masud, and with Abdullah bin Salam who was a Jew then accepted Islam. I heard the Emissary of God saying (peace be upon him): “he is the tenth of the ten individuals who have been promised paradise.””””

His soul returned to the Eternal Owner (may God be pleased with him) in the year 43 AH.