Sayyidina Mansour Abu Haykal

Location: Abu Hareez – Kafr Saqr

The Shaykh Mansour Muhammad Haykal was born in the year 1259 AH and acquired knowledge of the Qur’an, sacred law, and intellectual sciences at the hands of great scholars of al-Azhar. From them are the Shaykh Abdul Allah al-Shabrawy, the Shaykh Sayid al-Sharsheemy, the Shaykh al-Khadry, the Shaykh Ibraheem Abu al-Shaf’ee and the Shaykh Muhammad al-Anbaby aka the Shaykh of Islam. He (may God be pleased with him) took the Khalwateyya path from the Shaykh Umar al-Shabrawy.