Sayyida Fatima Al-‘Ayna’

She is the daughter of al-Qasim, the son of Mohammed, the son of Ja’far al-Sadiq. She was called al-‘Ayna’ due to the beauty of her eyes and her great resemblance to her grandmother, Fatima al-Zahra’. It was reported that she performed many miracles and a lot has been mentioned about her attributes. The following was written on the door of her shrine:

This is the shrine of one of noble parentage,

One who was called al-‘Ayna’.

Her name is Fatima and she is affiliated to the lineage,

Of the Chosen One who was exclusively picked out for al-Isra’.

She was called al-‘Ayna’ because,

Her eyes resemble those of al-Zahra’.

Glad tidings to her visitor,

For he is elevated with love to superiority.

Once in her courtyard, stand in reverence,

And ask the Lord to accept your prayers.

(Her shrine lies East of Imam al-Shafi’i Mosque)