Sayyidina Abdul-Khaleq Al-Shabrawi

(His shrine lies in Salah Salem Street in front of the Central Security Police headquarters)

He is the virtuous, perfect scholar whose lineage from his mother’s side goes back to our master, the Messenger of Allah, and from his father’s side to the leader of the believers, Umar Ibn al-Khattab.

He is master Abdul-Khaleq Ibn Abdul-Salam Ibn Umar al-Shabrawi. He was born in 1887 CE and raised under the guidance of his father and grandfather. He memorized the Qur`an and attended al-Azhar where he studied under the greatest scholars of his time. In 1914 CE, he earned al-Ijaza al-Alamiya Certificate from al-Azhar where he pursued a teaching career. He subsequently devoted himself to da’wa (calling to the way of Allah), following the example of his glorious forefathers. He preached at al-Fath Mosque in Saray Abdin which consequently became a center of learning and guidance.

Abdul-Khaleq al-Shabrawi died in 1947 CE. His son Mustafa (born in 1911 CE) succeeded him in the order. He graduated from al-Azhar and pursued a career as a judge in Shari’ah courts. He later became a deputy to the Grand Mufti at Dar al-Iftaa’.