Sayyidina Mohammed al-Habibi

(His shrine lies in Sayyida Zaynab district in al-Sad Street)

His lineage goes up to master Habib who was known as al-Habibi. He lived in the 4th century AH in the city of Fez in Morocco. He is the grandson of master Idris, the son of master Idris al-Akbar who left the city of Medina when the Abbasids came to power. Along with the members of the Prophet’s household who chose to go with him, he left Medina for Morocco; the Moroccan tribes pledged allegiance to him as their emir. The Idris’ are descendants of Imam al-Hasan, Prophet Mohammed’sﷺ grandson.

Mohammed al-Habibi was born in 1175 AH in the Moroccan city of Fez. He left for Egypt with his father, Ahmed, who enrolled him in al-Azhar where he studied under the great Azhari scholars. Later, he went to al-Hejaz where he stayed in Mecca and al-Medina for five years. In 1230 AH during his last year there, he met the governor of Egypt, Sa’eed Basha, who convinced him that conditions in Egypt are conducive to the propagation of his order and spiritual message. Mohammed al-Habibi complied. He settled in Egypt, calling to the way of Allah. He was accepted by the people of Egypt and he won a great number of adherents to his order, the Habibiyya tariqa.

al-Habibi mosque housing his shrine was renovated in 1247 AH. It offers assistance and services to the people of the district.

Mohammed al-Habibi died in 13 Rabie’ al-Thani in 1271 AH.