Sayyidina Mu’adh ibn Dawud Al-Husayni

He is the righteous Mu’adh, the son of Dawud, the son of Muhammad ,the son of ‘Umar and his lineage goes back to Imam al-Husayn, may Allah be pleased with them.

al-Sharif (a member of al-Ashraf ) Mu’adh came to Egypt with his father al-Sharif Dawud who was among those who accompanied Lady Nafisa to Egypt in late C2 AH.

al-Sharif Mu’adh was loved and respected by ‘Isa Nushary who was the governor of Egypt for approximately five years during the ‘Abbasid period. ‘Isa was a great, brave, valiant, prince as well as an intellectual. He undertook the governorship of Damascus before al-Muntassar and al-Musta’een; the head of the police force of Baghdad during the reign of the caliph al-Muktafi; and was later appointed governor of Asfahan and al-Jibal in Iran before al-Muktafi appointed him governor of Egypt.

Mu’adh died in the month of Rabie’ al-Awwal in 295 AH and was buried in a shrine inside the mosque named after him.