Sayyidina Muhammad Abu Alooyun

Abee Alooyun – Dashlut – Asyut

He is the Sayed Muhamad Ibraheem Abu Alooyun whose lineage goes back to the Imam Al Hasan, grandson of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ.

He was raised in a house of morals, sainthood and righteousness. His father was the gnostic Sayed Ibraheem Abu Alooyun (may God be pleased with him).

He rose up in knowledge at Al Azhar until he became head of the college of Usool ul-Deen (Principles of Religion) and so thousands of scholars graduated through him.

He was initiated into the Khalwati order and through this inherited divine light and great secrets.

“With Ahmed Al Sawy who’s bounty touched all and with our Ibraheem Al Dhahabi we were guided. With the gnostic the prayed for and the praised he is known as Mahmud Awny the caregiver and he was certainly our caretaker, leader of the order of men and their axis so how many fortresses has he built along the path of the order?”

He taught thousands of pious followers and built up Imam Abd Al Haleem Mahmud, Sheikh Al Azhar.

He passed in the early 1970’s AC.