Sayyidina Abdul Rahman Al-Shahawy

Location: Shooha – al-Mansoura

He is the Sayyid Abdul Rahman bin Uthman bin Muhammad al-Husayny al-Shahawy whose lineage goes back to the Sayyid Musa Abu al-Umran, the brother of Sayyid Ibraheem al-Dusooqy (may God be pleased with them all).

Born in 1913 CE the same year that his grandfather, al-Sayyid Muhammad al-Husayny al-Shahawy, passed away was known for being in a continuous state of remembrance (dhikr). Likewise, he urged his followers and disciples to try and attain a constant state of remembrance too. He once said, “When the believer gets in the habit of remembrance at a certain time in the night, even if he is overcome by sleep, his heart will nevertheless wake up at that same time to remember God.”

He (may God be pleased with him) would very often speak about the concept of al-Futuwwa al-Imaniya (Spiritual Chivalry). He described Futuwwa linguistically as generosity or courageous giving. From a jurisprudential perspective, it means:

(1) Preferring the other over one’s own self during times of dire need.

(2) Veiling the faults of one’s fellow brother.

(3) Struggling to fulfill the needs of one’s fellow brothers without them even noticing.

Futuwwa can be seen as having a function in every phase of life that a man passes through. The first phase constitutes the fulfillment of the contract of faith and of al-Islam and to leave all disputes with his fellow human beings. One must begin the path by forgetting any grudges or harms from others as well as ignoring his fellow’s mistakes. In the realm of actions, this spiritual chivalry manifests itself by becoming undistracted by one’s actions and by avoiding seeing one’s own honor.

His soul returned to it’s Owner in the year 1979 CE.