Sayyidina Ahmed Al-Isawee

Location: Medinatul Mansoura – Masjid al-Isawee

He is the Sayyid Ahmed al-Isawee the Shadhili the Qawooqjee. His paternal lineage goes back to the famous Egyptian gnostic Ali al-Bayoomy whose tomb is well known and located in his Mosque in the Husayniya in Cairo. From his mother’s side his lineage goes back to the saint, Abdul Qadir, whose tomb is in al-Mansoura.

He (may God be pleased with him) was born in the year 1904 in Mansoura and was well-versed in the jurisprudential school of Imam Shafi’i. After his studies he became a student in the Shadhili path at the hands of al-Sayyid Saad al-A’dawy, whose tomb is apparent in al-Mansoura Square.

Shaykh Ahmed al-Isawee had many disciples, teaching them the refined character of the Emissary of Godﷺ, and authored many works. A few are: “al-Noor al-Jalee fee Ahzab al-Imam al-Shadhili”, “Naeem al-Jinan fee al-Iqtida be Ahl al-Ihsan” and “Alwan min al-Madeeh al-Deeny.” He was called back to his Lord in the year 1965 CE.