Sayyidina Abu Ahmed Al Fuly

In his mosque named Masjid Ahmed Al Fuly – Al Minya City.

The Sufi, the ascetic, the scholar the teacher Ali bin Muhamad bin Ali Al Masri Al Yemeni is also known as Abu Ahmed Al Fuly. His father arrived in Egypt from Yemen and married Fatima, daughter of Al Sheikh Al Tahan. He was born (may God be pleased with him) in the year 990 Hijri and received his knowledge at Al Azhar in the legal school of Imam Shafi’i at the hand of the Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shanawany and the Sheikh Salim Al Sibsheery. He proceeded to become initiated into the Shadhili Sufi order and began teaching in the University of Al Iskandar Pasha at Bab Al Khalq. Next, he began teaching at Al Azhar and then moved to Al Minya to teach and guide others. He taught and instructed and was known for his great capacity to forgive and his financial self-sufficiency via work. Visitors came from all sorts and places to Upper Egypt to meet him and so Al Minya is also known as Al Minya Al Fuly (The Minya of Al Fuly).

He produced the book “Tuhfat Al Akyas fee husn al Thun bilnas”. (The masterpiece on the courteous in their good opinion of people.) He passed in the year 1067 AH.