Sayyidina Muhammad Al-Tookhy

Location: The tomb is on the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural highway.

Muhammad al-Tookhy is the scholar, the ascetic and the saint that still lives on. He acquired his knowledge from the Shaykh Ahmed al-Damhujee, the Shaykh Jad al-Mawlee and others. Later he committed himself to the Khalwaty Sufi path through the gnostic Mustafa al-Saadoony whose tomb can be found in a place called Bilbays in the province of al-Sharqiya.

Sayid Muhammad al-Tookhy is a relative of the Sayid Ismael Deef whose tomb can be found not too far from the tomb of Imam al-Shafi’i (may God be pleased with him). Sayid Ahmed Deef’s tomb can be found in Qena, Upper Egypt. Sayid Ahmed and Ismael Deef are Shaykhs in the Sufi path known as the Deefeyya.