Sayyidina Abu Abdillahi Al Qurashy

(His tomb is at the main entrance of Masjid Al Sayid Abdul Raheem)

He is Abu Abdillahi bin Ahmed bin Ibraheem Al Hashimy Al Qurashy, the servant, the ascetic and the pious. He was from the green island of Andalusia. He accompanied the greatest of ascetics in Morocco and travelled to the Levant to visit the Holy mosque in Jerusalem. He then went to Egypt where he began performing miracles. Whoever saw him or accompanied him greatly benefitted. He settle in Qena where there was a shelter for students, a safe haven for the needy and a path for those seeking the pious.

He (May God be pleased with him) would magnify the poor and say: “They are God’s people.” He also said “man refuses to direct themselves toward God except in the times of difficulty.”