Sayyidina Abu Al Hasan ibn Al Sabagh

(He was buried under the feet of his Sheikh Sayid Abdul-Raheem Al Qenawy)

Ali bin Humayd bin Ismael bin Yusuf Al Sheikh Abu Al Hasan ibn Al Sabagh was a gnostic, knower of the subtle knowledge, doer of miracles, actualizer of knowledge and a serious seeker on the path. He was the secret of the Sheikh Abdul Raheem  who was one of the regional Sheikhs. He married the daughter of his Sheikh Sayid Abdul Raheem, Aisha and she was his great blessing from God.

From his sayings are:

“The servant is given certainty in as a much as he is given intellect.”

When he was asked about Tawheed he said:

“[Tawheed is] affirming God’s essence and negating direction and affirming the attributes and negating similitude.”

He passed (May God be pleased with him) at the break of the morning prayer mid-Shaaban in the year 613 AH.