Sayyidina Muhammad Abu Attab

Location: Ouleela – Meet Ghamr – Daqahleyya

Shaykh Muhammad whose full name is Sayyid Muhammad bin Sayid Jabir bin Abdullah is a famous ansarite and companion. He narrated many Hadith of the Emissary of Godﷺ.

His grandfather Abdullah bin A’mru was from amongst the seventy who witnessed the second Aqaba. It was narrated that he was of the elect that where praying with the Prophetﷺ when the direction of prayer was sanctioned towards Mecca and of the elect whom participated in both the battles of Badr and Uhud. Upon his martyrdom, the Prophetﷺ personally led his ritual burial and ordered that his body be buried with his uncle, A’mru bin al-Jamooh. Hence they were wrapped in the same shroud and buried together. The Prophetﷺ revealed his reasons for this when he said that “they were both sincere companions in the life of this world and similarly now that they have passed.”

Muhammad Abu Attab’s impressive character led the people of the village he settled in to rename their village to Ouleela, which was a nickname for Abu Attab. Even the alleyway where he used to pass his days is still named after him with the name al-Jabra. The people of Ouleela received many blessings from their allegiance with the family of the Prophetﷺ and the presence of a righteous man in their midst.

Muhammad Abu Attab (may God be pleased with him) passed in the year 95 AH.