Sayyidina Ibraheem Abu Khaleel

Location: Maydan Abee Khaleel – Madeenatul Zaqazeeq

The Shaykh Ibraheem’s father is the Sayyid Muhammad Abu Khaleel who founded the Khaleeleyya Sufi order and whose lineages goes back to the blessed family of the Prophetﷺ i.e. his father is from Hasan and his mother is from Husayn.

He was born in the city of Zaqazeeq in the year 1872 ACE. The Shaykh Ibraheem was an Imam, teacher of Sufism, and the Shaykh of the Khaleeleyya Sufi path. Contrary to his father, he united all the followers of the path upon one litany that was divinely inspired to him by God. In addition, he gave beneficial advice, parables and wisdoms that he extracted from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Emissaryﷺ that lit the way for his followers and filled their hearts with true faith in Allah and his Messengerﷺ.

His Godly openings that were later composed into books are storage houses of faith radiating light and guidance for the hearts that read them. They fill their readers with fear of God and faith. Some of these valuable books are mentioned here: “al-Fath al-Asna fee Nadhm Asama illahi al-Husna”, “al-Kanz al-Thameen fee al-Salat Ala Sayid al-Mursaleen”, “al-Waseela”, “al-Shafa’a”.

There are many other relevant valuable texts that the Sufi or the illuminated seeker if they were to come in contact with would find nourishing for their minds and satisfying there spiritual inquiries. Some of these texts are: “al-Fatihatu wa Dua’uha”, “al-Ikhlas bedua’a”, al-Hisn al-Haseen be Dua’a Yaseen”, “al-Asrar al-Nafee’atu be Dua’a Surat al-Waqia”, “Sir Fatah be Dua’a Surat al-Inshrah”,” al-Sir al-Mastur fee Huruf al-Nur”, “al-Riyada al-Ruhiya”, “al-Bayan fee Mawlidee min Khaleefatul Quran”, “Al Sa’ada”.

He passed away (may God be pleased with him) in the year 1956 ACE.